TC United All American Avenue of Flags Club Membership

$ 100
Avenue of Flags Club Patriotic Display featuring 2 - 8" x 12" American Flags on a portable flag stand, 2 patriotic yard signs and 1 Avenue of Flags Club Membership Card which includes a $100 gift card package.
*FREE* - Receive a FREE, We Support U.S. Veterans sticker with your Avenue of Flags Club Membership. 
* The youth members from TC United will proudly deliver, set up and take down a patriotic Avenue of Flags display along the curbside of your residence and/or business on 1 of these 3 federal holidays (Memorial Day, Independence Day or Labor Day) over the next 12 months. Labor Day has been identified as the Federal Holiday that TC United Members will receive their Avenue of Flags Club patriotic display in 2024. The Veterans Organization will store the patriotic Avenue of Flags displays for the youth organization until the next identified federal holiday delivery and display.